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Sep 24

Written by: labuscagnec
9/24/2013 10:10 PM 

 Prelim 2013

Western Cape – Prelim 2013
Paper 2
Paper 2 Memo

Limpopo – Prelim 2013

Bernard Sibanda – Prelim 2013
Paper 1 Memo

North West – Prelim 2013
Memo Eng Afr

Eastern Cape – Prelim 2013
Memo Eng Afr

Gauteng (Johannesburg West - District 12) – Prelim 2013  

Western Cape – *June 2013 

*Please note that these papers were set to support under-achieving schools. The aims were:

  • Doable, straight forward exams that do not scare the learners (i.e. no hidden “tricks”)
  • June exams, NOT end-of-year exams (i.e. we tried and keep things simple and not too difficult)
  • Involve and empower the teachers to set better exams/test on their own in future




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