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The Gender Equity Space is a gateway for teachers and learners to educational and support resources i.e GEM BEM Guideline, Sexual Harassment & Abuse Guides, Teenage Pregnancy.

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The guidebook is intended to give you a better understanding of what the GEM/BEM clubs are, where they come from and what they are trying to achieve, as well as the benefits of belonging to and supporting a GEM/BEM club. It also provides guidance on how to start a GEM/BEM club in your school, including ideas about possible activities that a club can engage in.



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The purpose of the guidelines is to assist public schools in maintaining minimum standard procedures when addressing allegations of sexual violence and harassment, and to specifically detail how public schools should treat victims of sexual violence and harassment and those who have, or are alleged to have committed such acts. They are also intended to assist victims of sexual violence and harassment with reporting procedures and in seeking intervention and support.



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Movement: GEM is not a single organization, but consists of groups of children and young people in schools and communities throughout Africa who are working in different ways to bring about positive changes in the lives of African girls.

GEM is about getting things done. It is about movement and action, not just talking.

And most of all it is about young people driving the movement through active




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A better South Africa

In today's South Africa, girls and boys stand a

better chance to develop and prosper. Since

the birth of the new democracy in 1994, the

country’s economy has grown significantly at

an average of 4.5 percent and individual freedom

and liberties have been vastly expanded.

South Africa is now a middle-income economy

with a strong emerging market, an abundant

supply of natural resources, well-developed

financial, legal, communications, energy and

transport sectors and a stock exchange that

ranks among the ten largest in the world. The

South African Constitution, built on an acute

awareness of the injustices of the past, is

widely regarded as the most progressive in the world



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