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Through the Thutong Portal, the South African Department of Basic Education aims to lead the drive to improve learning in the country through appropriate use of technology.


The Thutong Portal is the online point of entry to a comprehensive array of free educational resources, policy information, and interactive services concerning all aspects of the South African Schooling Sector. It will provide relevant information and services about the South African school curriculum, teacher development, school administration, and management. Thutong aims to facilitate ease of use, enabling users to find and make use of its resources and services in the most intuitive ways possible.


In order to help to develop and improve the quality of education in South Africa, the curriculum resources contained in the Thutong Portal will seek to describe the teaching and learning pathways and processes that learners should work through in order to achieve identified Learning Outcomes and/or Assessment Standards as set out in the South African National Curriculum Statements.


Thutong’s key focus is on creating strong and vibrant online communities of practice in order to facilitate discussion and sharing of information and ideas amongst peer networks, and in an effort to encourage South African educators to develop and improve education by sharing the country’s common intellectual capital.

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