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The Social Science Learning Area Statement indicates the following on basic content skills and values attempted in the Learning Area. Integrating knowledge (head), values (heart) and skills (hands) is a key element to ensure effective delivery of the Social Science Learning Area:“The Social Science Learning Area studies relationships between people, as well as between people and the environment. These relationships vary over time and space. They are also influenced by social, political, economic and environmental contexts, and by people's values, attitudes and beliefs.The concepts, skills and processes of History and Geography form key elements of the Social Sciences Learning Area in the school curriculum. Environmental Education and Human Rights Education are integral to this Learning Area."So, there is talk about History, Geography, Environmental Education as well as social, political and economic contexts. It seems, as if the Social Sciences teacher has to be a specialist on a number of disciplines. This will be inevitably so, as this specific learning area is driven by issues. The reality, however, is often much different: certain people have been trained for History only, others for Geography only, again others for any other grounding subject of the previous curriculum, and a very few can support the LA with two disciplines, i.e. History, Geography, Political Sciences etc. In many instances there will be a skill-shortcoming in many teachers. It would be helpful, if you could let us know, which part of the Learning Area Social Sciences you find difficult to understand or teach to and also, how you tried to overcome such blockages.


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