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The aim of the Spelling Bee and Reading Clubs programme is to improve academic performance through fun activities. The programme is divided into Spelling Bee and the actual establishment of Reading Clubs. The word ‘bee’ as used in this context simply means competition, in other words, a Spelling Bee Competition. The Department of Basic Education (DBE) started this competition in 2013 in partnership with independent Spelling Bee Implementers. It was taken to scale in 2014 and has been running since. The Spelling Bee word list is modified annually, see attached for easy access. However, words not necessarily appearing on this list may also be used during the spelling bee/competition. More than 400 officials across the country have undergone a capacity-building workshop on Reading Clubs and how to establish and sustain them. This is part of the Read to Lead Campaign that seeks to mobilise all stakeholders to read and encourage others to do so. The Reading Clubs programme is specifically aimed at inculcating a reading habit among learners in lower grades.
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