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MobilED initiative is designing learning environments that are meaningfully enhanced with mobile technologies and services.

We design scenarios and guidelines of how mobile technologies could be used for teaching, learning and empowerment of students within and outside the school context.

Mobile communications are dramatically increasing educational opportunities – both in and out of school. With the help of mobile technology, teachers in remote areas in developing countries are now able to download state-of-the-art learning materials for their students.

M-learning – the use of mobile technology to facilitate education – is rapidly expanding. Young people can access educational games, take quizzes, expand their vocabulary, learn languages, and even receive driving tips – all with the use of a cell phone. Phones equipped with camera and/or video capability enable youths to document their environment and express themselves creatively. And in a growing number of countries, mobile technology is facilitating life skills education among young people, who need only send a text message to a help line to access valuable information related to health, relationships, or getting jobs.

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