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Mathematics and Mathematics Literacy Exemplar Examination Papers and Memorandums  (4014.16 Kb)
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The examination papers in this booklet are exemplar end-of-year examination papers. These papers have been developed by teachers of Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy in line with the requirements for the examinations as set out in the following documents: <ul> <li>Subject Assessment Guideline: Mathematics (DoE, January 2007)</li> <li>Subject Assessment Guideline: Mathematical LIteracy (DoE, January 2007)</li> </ul> All of the papers are based on the Core Assessment Standards for the subjects as detailed in the Subject Assessment Guideline Documents. In developing the booklet the team of teachers have used the following as points of departure: The lower-order questions asked for by the guidelines on examination setting in the Subject Assessment Guidelines should be clearly visible to students writing the examinations. You will find that:</li> <ul> <li>Both of the Mathematics papers (paper 1 and Paper 2) have as Question 1 a collection of short knowledge and basic application questions covering the full curriculum – all students should as a minimum be able to answer all of these questions. <ul> <li> The Grade 11 and Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy Paper 1 have a clearly marked Section A which consists of the knowledge and basic application questions that all students should find accessible.</li> <li>The early questions in the Grade 10 Mathematical Literacy examination paper are all knowledge and basic application questions.</li> </ul> <li>The use of language in developing context – especially in Mathematical Literacy – should be kept to a minimum so that students do not spend more time reading than they do answering the examination questions.</li> </ul>
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