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Since the ban of corporal punishment, we continue to be inundated with news of continued use thereof in our schools.  How can we successfully eradicate this practice in schools?   

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The statement ‘If only we had more discipline, resources, time and parent support, surely the school will succeed to increase learner achievement.  This sentiment is expressed by many an educator and school manager. The above are necessary; however, the 'X-factor' to success is often overlooked. The ‘X-factor' without a doubt being - you!

Building sustainable leadership is not an easy task. School Managers, on a day to day basis, focus on dealing with personnel matters, parents, they have endless challenges with violence in schools, discipline problems, they focus on what others should do, processes and systems that should be in place or which policies need to be handed down. Recently, racism (often ignored and not dealt with) is added to the never ending list of issues that should be addressed. School Management and Leadership is a large and complex job not to be done alone.

There is a definite need for collective commitment. School Managers by allocating responsibility (in accordance to educator skills), encouragement, and acknowledgement of work well done and support will ensure that educators feel valued and involved. Promote the educators' belief in their own ability that they are a vital ingredient for success to any school. A shared vision within the school community has to be created. Can you share your success story? Was there a positive turn around at your school and can you attribute this to a shared vision.

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