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Author: labuscagnec Created: 9/24/2009 11:16 PM
IT Matters

 A lot has been asked about the programming language issue in IT.

The choice of a programming language for introductory courses is a matter that has been debated for more than 30 years. There is a lot of literature available for those interested in reading about it.

If one considers that there are between 2000 and 3000 programming languages available (according to Kaplan, Randy (2010). Choosing a First Programming Language. SIGITE’10, October 7–9, 2010, Midland, Michigan, USA.), then, choosing one, is not easy.

Here is a summary and some information for teachers to read, to think about and to form their own opinion as well as some links that lead to interesting reading in this regard.

Click

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The Computer Olympiad First Round is FREE and leads to many opportunities...


Clik Read More... for more information


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Grade 12 Final Exams 2011: Timetable

Please note that all IT papers are written in Week 0:

18 October 2011 - Paper 1 (Practical Paper)

19 October 2011 - Paper 2 (Theory Paper)

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For Grade 12, there are two PATs with two different scecarios:

  • Language Scenario
  • Sport Scenario

Schools could do anyone of the two.

If a school decides to do the Language Scenario PAT with the Grade 12 learners, then use the Sport Scenario PAT for the Grade 11 learners and vice versa.

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Grade 12 November 2010 examination papers. Click on Read More link below.

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 Trial Examination Papers - September 2010

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NSC Supplementary Papers - March 2010

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Timetable for the 2010 National Senior Certificate examinations: October/November 2010.

Please note the dates for the practical papers. Also note that CAT and IT Paper 2 are written on the same day due to the fact that learners can no longer offer both the subjects.

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Once again with the compliments of Max Brock, subject advisor from Western Cape: PAT Phase 2...unpacked.

Thanks for supporting our IT teachers!

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Max Brock, subject advisor from Western Cape has compiled this document, upacking Phase 1 of the 2010 Grade 12 PAT.

Thanks Max for sharing this with us

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