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Mike Chiles wrote:

The setting of the national CAT and IT examinations is fraught with many challenges, one of these is the issue of language (No not programming language but spoken/written language).  For example:
* is it website or web site?  Both are used in articles appearing on the Internet
* is it text box or textbox?  Some authors use "textbox" whilst Microsoft uses "text box"
* what is the Afrikaans for "firewall"? Is it "brandmuur" or "netskans"?  The former is a literal translation whilst the latter indicates what the concept is all about.
* we talk about RAM in English but is it LSG or ETG in Afrikaans?
* many new technologies make their appearance on a daily basis.  Take for example the term "podcasting" - there is currently no Afrikaans word.  One cannot translate the "pod" part of the word as this stems from the iPod. So we need to translate the casting part.  What about "podsending"?
* it was once indicated that there are also variations in Afrikaans translation between the northern and southern provinces (or is it the inland and coastal provinces?).
* some people say use the English word because this is what the teachers are teaching in any event.
Not only have the respective examining panels battled with translation and other language nuances but so have the Internal and External Moderators - one needs to ensure that there is consistency in the use of the terms across the country otherwise someone is going to believe that they are being disadvantaged.
In order to standardise our use of the language and in collaboration with the Language Practitioners at the national Department of Education we have decided that the following dictionary will be the reference for Afrikaans translation:
Kuberwoordeboek Afrikaans-Engels, Engels-Afrikaans / Cyber Dictionary Afrikaans-English, English-Afrikaans, H.C. Viljoen (Ed), in collaboration with N.F. du Plooy and S. Murray
The book is published by Protea in Pretoria and can be obtained from (for around R200) as well as local bookshops.

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With 90 days left before the start of the Grade 12 examinations, teachers should now start consolidating and learners should now be revising and practising what they have learned since Grade 10.

Provide learners with previous exam papers to practise their skills and to help them prepare for the examinations.

WC June 2009 Papers (Java)

Paper 1 June 2009 Paper 1 June 2009 Memo Vraestel 1 Junie 2009
Paper 2 June 2009 Paper 2 June 2009 Memo Vraestel 2 Junie 2009

FS June 2009 Papers (Delphi) are available at:


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