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Fact Sheets for Educators


Fact Sheet 1 - Full-Service Schools

List of ordinary schools that have been upgraded to be Full-Service Schools

Selection Criteria

To be identified as a full-service/inclusive school, a school must comply with most of the following criteria or must show potential to comply with them in a relatively short space of time.


  • Accessibility via public transport and within the cluster/group of schools.
  • The physical condition of the school – access to water, toilets, condition of building, playground and terrain etc.
  • Strong leadership and general positive ethos at the school that will embrace change.
  • Effective and visionary School Management Team and School Governing Body.
  • Professional capacity within the school.
  • Space for further expansion.
  • Participation of the school in other Department of Education initiatives that makes it fertile ground to serve as a Full-Service School e.g. projects such as Health Promoting Schools, Schools as Centres of Care and Support, Child Friendly Schools and Inclusive Education Initiatives.
  • Access to or existence of other support programmes run by NGO’s and other Government Departments.
  • Other support services within the community e.g. Hospitals, Clinics, Welfare Agencies, sporting facilities, Youth Centres.
  • The full-service school should serve a mentoring role to other schools and must therefore have a level of human resource capacity that can be built on.