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Draft Guidelines on Resourcing an Inclusive Education and Training System  (1461.9 Kb)
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On 20 April 2018 the Draft Guidelines on Resourcing an Inclusive Education and Training System were gazetted as Government Notice 41581 of 20 April 2018 to call for public comment by 21 May 2018. This proposed Draft Guidelines for Resourcing an Inclusive Education System deals with resourcing as it relates to the inclusive education system as a whole. This system comprises Special Schools, Special Schools/Resource Centres, Full-service Schools, Ordinary Public Schools, and District-based Support Teams. It addresses barriers in two focal areas: 1) teaching and learning and 2) psycho-social and health support. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on the equitable and efficient provision, distribution and use of infra-structure, personnel and non-personnel non-capital (npnc) funding for an inclusive education system using the National Norms for Post Provisioning, School Funding, Districts and School Infrastructure (which includes the Policy on Scholar Transport). The document motivates for the development of an integrated and holistic approach which does not separate support provisioning of special and ordinary schools from that of districts and aims at strengthening support to all learners who experience barriers to learning in the system on a continuum from low to high intensity support. The Guidelines must be seen as a key procedure to ensure the transformation of the education system towards an inclusive education system in line with the prescripts of Education White Paper 6 on Special Needs Education: Building an Inclusive Education and Training System (2001). By introducing a centralised and district-based approach towards rationalising support services, there will be more cost-effective, efficient and equitable use of scarce resources such as specialised support professionals, equipment and assistive technology.
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