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We use an integrated approach for the teaching of ICT to Foundation Phase learners.  The boys at our school have 1 hour per week lesson in the ICT lab and whenever possible they are exposed to software that supports the Learning outcomes being dealt with that week.  Grade R learners (how I dislike this name) use a combination of Microsoft Paint skills and software programmes that support Spatial Awareness, Listening skills, Perception and Fine Motor skills.  By the time the boys have completed Grade 3, they are able to use basic skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and they are able to use Photostory3 to put together a short video of themselves.  They are also exposed to the beginnings of Robotics using BeeBots.  We do not spend a great deal of money on software because we have found that often the software becomes obsolete once you change your operating system.  

Many of the tasks in the ICT room integrate either the topic/theme or the Maths concept that is being used by the teacher in the classroom. We are very fortunate to have ADSL connection so we are able to connect to the web for support downloads whenever needed.  For those teachers who have an ADSL line try the link to   It has a wealth of resources for teachers to print out and use in their classrooms.  In the coming months I will post some lesson ideas that I have used successfully onto the Resources link.  However, we are in the process of launching our school onto a Administrative Data Manager system and it will be a few weeks before I have time to upload lessons. If anyone out there in cyberspace has any good ideas about teaching ICT in the Foundation Phase please post your ideas.  The more we share the more we will gain.  

Des Dunstone

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This blog will give you the opportunity to read about best classroom practices. The first feature blogger is Des Dunstone who teaches at Highbury Primary in Hillcrest, Durban.

 She will emphsise the use of ICT practices in Foundation Phase.

 Please do not forget to comment and share your classroom practices too.




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