Learning Space

  School Management and Governance  
Vision and Rationale

NQF ID: 48878 – Level 6 (120 ) credits


To provide structured learning opportunities that promote quality education in South African schools through the development of a corps of education leaders who apply critical understanding, values, knowledge and skills to school leadership and management in line with the vision of democratic transformation.


To empower/enable these educators to develop the skills, knowledge, and values needed to lead and manage schools effectively and to contribute to improving the delivery of education across the school system.


The programme aims to achieve the following:

  • Provide leadership and management to enable schools to give every learner quality education.
  • Provide professional leadership and management of the curriculum and therefore ensure that schools provide quality teaching, learning and resources for improved standards of achievement for all learners.
  • Strengthen the professional role of principalship.
  • Develop principals who are able to critically engage and be self-reflective practitioners.
  • Enable principals to manage their organisations as learning organisations and instill values supporting transformation in the South African context.


  • The rationale for the development and implementation of the programme is to:
  • Develop a programme, which provides an entry criterion to principalship
  • Provide principals with a professional qualification, which is career related
  • Provide a formal professional qualification, which is consistent with the Job Profile of school principals.