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A Policy and Performance Review of the National Integrated Plan for Early Childhood Development in South Africa.  (1357.9 Kb)
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This paper provides an analysis of the status of the NIPECD plan particularly with regards to the intentions of the plan, and how it has been implemented in the first five years of its life span. In other words, have the main strategic goals of the NIPECD been met? And, what has the performance of departments and role-players been in support of these goals? The NIPECD review also provides evidence to inform government and other ECD stakeholders, on its effectiveness and offers some recommendations on strengthening future development, implementation, and monitoring of the NIP. The review entailed conducting a qualitative and quantitative study of the NIPECD from its development to implementation based on existing documentation, including notes from interviews. The paper is intended to add to the national debate on the direction of development of the new NIPECD. The paper is in the process of being finalised, with comments invited from interested parties in the ECD sector, other content specialists in the areas of political economy, early childhood development gender/feminism, and social protection. The finalised paper will include new sections on the politics of social protection in south africa. Please send your comments to Antonio Hercules. November 2012.
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