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Author: labuscagnec Created: 9/25/2009 3:44 AM
CAT Matters

PATs for 2012:

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While lively debates continue about and around CAT, the background and foundation of learners, the learning contexts, resouces, quality of teaching and learning, competency of teachers, assessment, papers and many more, what do you think about this extract:

Most students moving from primary to secondary school have diverse backgrounds. XXX School in YYY, ZZZ, accepts new students from a range of different primary schools, and experience has shown that their computer skills are varied. The school saw the need for a common introduction to ICT...

Sounds very familiar?

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Version 2 of NMMU MXit application for CAT Learners

  • Ideal for fun revision by matrics!  

  • 20000 queries since it's launch a week ago!

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Prepare your Grade 12 learners for the 2011 NSC examinations.

Provincial preparatory examination papers.

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Grade 12 Practical and Theory papers from Gauteng districts. From Fotiene Avrakotos and Wilna Brits

Theory Papers. From Estelle Goosen.

Please note: All papers are uploaded 'voetstoots'.

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Practical and Theory Papers from Free State. From Estie Scheepers.

Thank you to provinces that share their papers

It is always nice to use these papers to revise or for additional practise.

Learners also learn to answer papers and questions set by different people, different styles and different types of questions which will prepare them for answering examination papers.

Please note: All papers are uploaded 'voetstoots'

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(and ICDL candidates and others who are computer literate!)


The Computer Olympiad First Round is FREE and leads to many opportunities...


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Grade 12 Final Exams 2011: Timetable

Please note that all CAT papers are written in Week 0:

17 October 2011 - Paper 1 (Practical Paper)

19 October 2011 - Paper 2 (Theory Paper) and Speed Endorsement

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The PATs for 2011 are available. Clik on Read More link below.

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 Grade 12 November 2010 Examination Papers.

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