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The Grade 12 PAT focuses on Information Managment (LO3)

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Feedback from Practical Assessment Task (PAT) moderation suggests that teachers and learners still need to work hard on the topic of Information Management in Computer Applications Technology (CAT).

Dr Jamie McKenzie wrote in his article, A true original in the educational technology journal, From Now On (January 2009):

"The biggest failing of the past 20 years of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in schools has been the putting of carts before the horses, stressing the tools themselves rather than the information, the communicating and the building of new ideas and insight. "


What is CAT about? CAT is about the tools themselves (LO2) as well as the information, the communicating and the building of new ideas and insight (LO3). The latter is the focus of LO3 and the PAT.

Read the article in preparation for the 2009 PATs and find the focus.

Dr Jamie McKenzie writes:

"The focus of ICT should be on ways of knowing, learning and understanding, making smart use of information technologies to support exploration and contribute to both comprehension and invention."



The PAT is

  • solving an information problem
  • applying the techniques/processes of information management
  • using ICTs (tools such as application packages, Internet)

The tools (application packages, Internet) should not be the focus of the PAT, but the knowing and understanding of the problem, finding information on the problem and learning more about the problem using ICTs, sifting, sorting and analysing information to gain insight and new knowledge and to share new ideas.

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