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This presentation could provide you with a better understanding of the PAT and information management in general.

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If you are looking for examples of exam papers or assessment tasks, you could visit the following websites:

Western Cape



Dr Pam Miller's blog

 Also visit  our Exam Centre on Thutong

Please let us know if you know of any other websites where teachers can find exam papers or assessment tasks to look at.

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An experienced CAT teacher sent me this example of a Grade 10 Practical Paper. Hope this will help teachers when setting their own papers. Teachers could also give this to learners to practice for their examinations or to supplement practical activities (daily assessment) during class time. Teachers could also use parts of it (e.g. the questions on word processing) as a practical assignment to assess learners' knowledge and skills on a specific topic (e.g. word processing).

The teacher also sent me this example of a written paper. It could be a good idea to give this to your Grade 12 learners to do in order to revise their operational knowledge from Grade 10.



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