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Online Safety in Schools - White Paper (UK)
Children’s’ e-Safety is of increasing concern, and educators must be aware of the impact that unsuitable web sites have on vulnerable children.

NetSafe, the programme of New Zealand's Internet Safety Group (ISG), is cybersafety education for all children, parents, schools, community organisations and businesses. The ISG has been designated the New Zealand's Ministry of Education's 'agent of choice' for cybersafety education in New Zealand.

Childnet International - (Various Educational Resources)
Childnet International is a charity based in the United Kingdom which is dedicated to children's use of communication technology. The Childnet International website contains numerous educational resources, for use both inside and outside the classroom.

GetNetWise - (Online Safety Guide)
Learn about the risks children face online. GetNetwise contains resources based on age levels or types of activities.

Safety Guidelines for Youth Online
An organization's online safety program should have four goals:

  • To protect participants' privacy and personal information (participants include staff, volunteers, clients, parents and youth)
  • To screen out participants in your program who would abuse or exploit other participants or your computer programs
  • To prevent opportunities for abuse or exploitation of participants by anyone outside your program
  • To protect youth from inappropriate online materials or information.

Microsoft® Safety Resource Centre
The Microsoft Safety Resource Centre contains numerous tips to help keep your Personal Computer safe from harm.

MySpace Guide for School Administrators
The Official School Administrator’s Guide to understanding MySpace and resolving Social Networking Issues

Child and Teen Safety on the Internet
Useful resources from Surveillance Video .com