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  Child Online Safety  
Useful Links/Websites

Wired Safety

Enhancing Child Safety and Online Technologies

Safe Surfing Guide

Childline South Africa

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre


Childnet International

Get Wise Safety and Security

NetSmartz Workshop®
- Interactive, Educational Safety Resource

South African Police Services - Computer Crime against Kids

Virtual Global Taskforce - Law Enforcement Agencies Working Together

Wired Kids - Dedicated to Protecting Children, from Cybercrime and Abuse

Sites cited in the e-Safety Guidelines

Ask About Games                        

Becta e-Safety                              

Bloxx Web Filtering and Content                

Byron Review                                

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre   


Childnet International                                 


Forensic Software                                     

I am Learning                                            

Impero Classroom Management     

Information Security Awareness Portal        

Internet Watch                                          

Learning Curve Education                          

Plagiarism Advice                                     

South West Grid for Learning Trust: School e-Safety Policy

Wikipedia list of antivirus software