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Learning Station: Senior Phase Learning Programmes, Work Schedules and Lesson Plans  (436.49 Kb)
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This guide is a planning tool to assist you, the teacher, with all the planning teacher’s are expected to do in a year. It serves only as a guide, and should not be seen as the only way planning can take place. There are many ways to fulfil the planning requirements set out by the Department of Education, but this guide is based on the Learning Programme Guidelines published by the DoE in 2004. This tool will only be of any value to you if you are using the Learning Station series in your classroom. This planning tool will help you, as teacher/s, with the planning of your Learning Programme for this year. It will:
  • give you the Learning Programmes for Grades 7, 8 and 9, based on the Learning Station series;
  • give you the work schedules for the Grade 7, 8 and 9 Learning Station series;
  • give you an example of a lesson plan, based on activities in the Learning Station series; and
  • give you a lesson plan that you may photocopy and complete for your teacher’s portfolio .
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