The Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) at the national Department of Education (DoE) and nine provincial education departments collect, process and analyze data on learners, educators and resources in the education system in the following sectors:

  • Public and Independent Ordinary schools.
  • Further Education and Training (FET) colleges.
  • Early Childhood Development (ECD) sites.
  • Special Needs Education (SNE) schools.
  • Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) centers

 Data collected from the conduction of these yearly surveys are integrated and archived at EMIS, DoE and is used for publishing reports (Education Statistics at a Glance, School Realities), data dissemination and also assist in planning, decision-making, monitoring and evaluation.

2013 Survey forms

Intergrated EMIS Survey Tools Version 1.9

2012 Surveys Capturing Tools Patch

Ordinary Annual Survey 2012 (16 March 2012)

SNE Snap Survey 2012 (7 June 2012)

ECD Annual Survey 212 (5 June 2012)

Department EMIS 2012 Final Version (26 April 2012)

Ordinary Annual Survey 2012 Gauteng Version (23 March 2012)

2012 Ordinary Snap & amp; SA-SAMS Export Patch

2012 SNE Snap Tool & amp; SA-SAMS Export Patch (14 February 2012)

2010 Surveys Capturing Tools Patch

ABET Snap Survey 2010 Patch

SNE Snap Survey 2010 Patch

ECD Annual Survey 2010 Patch

2010 Surveys Forms


ECD Annual Survey 2010 Final

Public Snap FET 2010 Final

Ordinary School Snap Survey Form 2010

Ordinary School Annual Survey Form 2010

SNE Snap 2010 Final

ABET Annual Survey Survey Form 2010 

ABET Snap 2010 Final

Private FET 2010 Final

2009 Surveys Forms

SNE Annual Survey Form 2009

Snap SNE Survey Form 2009

Snap Public FET Survey Form 2009

Snap Ordinary School Survey Form 2009

ABET Annual Survey Form 2009

ECD Annual Survey Form 2009

Public FET Campus Manager Survey Form 2009

Public FET Campus Principal Pack Survey Form 2009

Ordinary School Annual Survey Form 2009

2008 Surveys Instruments

ABET Annual Survey 2008                                                            

Public and Independent Ordinary Schools Annual Survey 2008                   

ECD Annual Survey 2008

Snap ABET Survey 2008