Education Information Standards

The effective gathering, dissemination and analysis of information in the education system of any country is vital for sound education planning, monitoring and delivery.  Therefore the EMIS Directorate developed and published the Education Information Policy, Vol. 470, No. 26710 of 27 August 2004.  This document is also referred to as the “EMIS” policy.

 The EMIS Directorate, together with Provincial Education Departments, conduct Snap (10th day) and Annual Surveys in order to collect data pertaining to learners, educators and institutions.  These surveys are conducted for ordinary and special schools; ABET centres, ECD sites, and FET colleges, with the intention of informing education decision-making, monitoring compliance with legislative processes and evaluating the general performance of the education system.


To this end, data collection tools, including survey forms, have been progressively developed over time to collect data required by all sectors of the education system. In order to assist PEDs to conduct each survey, process the data and summit the data to the DoE; the Minister has published the first set of Requirements for the Administration of Surveys in the Government Gazette on 02 April 2007, Vol.502, and No. 29757. This document informs all institutions when the surveys will be conducted in the different sectors and when the data should be submitted to DoE.


Government Gazettes and EMIS Policies (Click on link below to download document)

1. Education Information Policy

2. Government Gazette