Assessment Bank Items

Grade 7 Impact of pollution on the environment
Grade 7 Writing scientific reports
Grade 7 Bacteria in food
Grade 7 Electrical light bulbs
Grade 7 History of medicine, the Plague
Grade 7 Food poisoning
Grade 7 Solar System
Grade 7 Planet Earth
Grade 7 Map of the world
Grade 7 Environmental study
Grade 7 Scientific method
Grade 7 Water, hydrogen
Grade 7 Physical sciences destiny
Grade 7 Physical sciences, elements
Grade 7 Solar system: definitions
Grade 7 Solar sytem: comets
Grade 7 Biology: parasitism
Grade 7 Botony: flowers
Grade 7 Botony: plant reproduction
Grade 7 Scientists: careers
Grade 7 Rivers: vocabulary
Grade 7 Rivers of the world
Grade 7 Planet Earth: South Africa, environments
Grade 7 Earth Science: gemstones
Grade 7 Earth Science: rocks
Grade 7 Animal adaptation: food
Grade 7 Animal adaptation: reproduction
Grade 7 Biology: classification
Grade 7 Solar System: universe
Grade 7 Earth Science: seasons
Grade 7 Solar System: planets, moon
Grade 7 Environment: pollution, plastic
Grade 7 Biology: decomposition
Grade 7 Physical Sciences: matter
Grade 7 Energy: electricity
Grade 7 Physical Sciences: liquids
Grade 7 Earth Science: soil
Grade 7 Physical Sciences: measurements
Grade 7 Physical Sciences: measurements, mathematics
Grade 7 Physical Sciences: measurement, graphs
Grade 7 Physical Sciences: measurements, temperature
Grade 7 Physical Sciences: colour
Grade 7 Earth Sciences: water cycle
Grade 7 Environment: pollution, packaging
Grade 7 Climatology: climate change
Grade 7 Botony: plants
Grade 7 Biology: animal adaptation
Grade 7 Earth Sciences: water resources
Grade 7 Physical Sciences: Chemistry, oxygen
Grade 7 Energy: Wind
Grade 7 Earth Sciences: water ecosystems

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