Mathematics Assessment Bank Items

Mathematics Grade 7 Book 1

Grade 7 Geometric figures and shapes
Grade 7 Properties of geometric figures and shapes
Grade 7 Construction of polygons
Grade 7 Constructing nets of polyhedra
Grade 7 Transformation geometry and properties of geometric figures
Grade 7 Similarity and congruency
Grade 7 Perspective drawing
Grade 7 Position on coordinate systems
Grade 7 Transformation and measurement
Grade 7 Measurement and area
Grade 7 Angles and measurement
Grade 7 Measurement of angles and construction
Grade 7 Scientific notation
Grade 7 Operations and fractions
Grade 7 Operations and multiplication of fractions
Grade 7 Finance mathematics and percentages
Grade 7 Finance mathematics
Grade 7 Exponential notation
Grade 7 Prime factoring
Grade 7 Operations
Grade 7 Expression
Grade 7 Algebraic expression
Grade 7 Expressions and like terms
Grade 7 Fractions
Grade 7 Numbers and relationships
Grade 7 Prime factors and numbers
Grade 7 Fractions and operations
Grade 7 Conversion
Grade 7 Conversion of triangles
Grade 7 Place value

Grade 7 Multitudes and number pattern
Grade 7 Expressions and surds
Grade 7 Irrational numbers
Grade 7 Finance maths
Grade 7 Additional and equivalent fractions
Grade 7 Number operations
Grade 7 Number operations and exponents
Grade 7 Finance maths on rates and ratio
Grade 7 Exponential notation and laws

Mathematics Grade 7 Book 2

Grade 7 Finance math involving rates
Grade 7 Measurement and time
Grade 7 Factors and multiples
Grade 7 Numbers and operations
Grade 7 Numbers and scientific notation
Grade 7 Data handling and probability
Grade 7 Possible outcome: probability
Grade 7 Measure of dispersion: mean and median
Grade 7 Numbers, operations and fractions
Grade 7 Interpretation of graphs
Grade 7 Interpretation of data
Grade 7 Data interpretation: stem and leaf
Grade 7 Data interpretation: table
Grade 7 Data handling
Grade 7 Data handling: charts and graphs
Grade 7 Data handling: tables and charts
Grade 7 Probability
Grade 7 Interpretation of graphs, ratio and proportion
Grade 7 Pie chart
Grade 7 Drawing of graphs
Grade 7 Interpretation of a pie chart
Grade 7 Number patterns
Grade 7 Number sentences

Grade 7 Functional relationships
Grade 7 Functional relationships: graphs
Grade 7 Functional relationships and algebraic equations
Grade 7 Scatter plots and functional relationships
Grade 7 Input and output values
Grade 7 Number patterns: sequence
Grade 7 Number patterns: finding a term
Grade 7 Number sequence
Grade 7 Algebraic expression and equations
Grade 7 Number sentences: equivalence
Grade 7 Algebraic expressions: perimeter
Grade 7 Algebraic expressions: equivalence
Grade 7 Number sentences, ratio and proportion
Grade 7 Expressions and operations
Grade 7 Diagramatic patterns and number patterns
Grade 7 Patterns, function and rate
Grade 7 Patterns and functional relationships
Grade 7 Equations and graphs
Grade 7 Interpretation of graphs and functional relationships
Grade 7 Relationship between input and output values
Grade 7 Graphs and functions
Grade 7 Patterns and algebraic relationships
Grade 7 Interpretation of graphs: time and speed
Grade 7 Patterns
Grade 7 Diagramatic patterns, number patterns and graphs

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