Managing Matric

Dear Learners

Facing final exams can be very scary, especially if you have left everything to the last. The secret therefore, is in thorough preparation and this means starting as early as possible, preferably in Grade 10! This is not a difficult thing to do and it is as much about concentrating in class and making sure you understand what is being taught, as well as going over the work at home afterwards. Revision after that, is merely a case of refreshing your understanding - reminding your brain what is inside it - not starting from scratch trying to make sense of all the information...

If you are already going into Grade 11 or even Grade 12 now is the time to think really smart and put together a programme for yourself, with help from the tip links below, which will achieve the same objective as if you had started earlier.

Anyway, this page has been developed to assist you in developing good lifestyle habits which will translate into good study habits, which will in turn, help develop your confidence to Manage Matric without unnecessary stress.

Good luck - think of it as the World Cup that you are training for and keep your eye on the ball!

Thutong Thato

Thutong Thato

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