Assessment Bank Items

Grade 8 Home Language Book 1

Grade 8 Radio Advertisement
Grade 8 Listening to a short talk
Grade 8 Comprehension - Albert Einstein
Grade 8 Listening Comprehension - reselling
Grade 8 Listening Comprehension - Praise poem
Grade 8 Listening Comprehension - song
Grade 8 Listening Skills - "King of the Underground Drum"
Grade 8 Listening Skils and conversation - "Oh my word..."
Grade 8 Listening Comprehension - a horror story
Grade 8 Aural text - "King M" - setting, plot, character
Grade 8 Film analysis - "Witness"
Grade 8 Film - "Dancing in the Barn"
Grade 8 Listening comprehension - "The Lowdown on High Heels"
Grade 8 Listening skills, speaking, discussion, bias and prejudice
Grade 8 Comprehension test - "Mention of Bus Rapid Transit"
Grade 8 Identifying register in texts
Grade 8 Identifying register - "Brother Ali"
Grade 8 Song Analysis and context - "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"
Grade 8 Listening and discussion
Grade 8 Listening and speaking: discussion and viewpoints - "Mention of Bus Rapid Transit"
Grade 8 Reading, comprehension on Xenophobia
Grade 8 Reading and discussion of "The Hero"
Grade 8 Reading comprehension, creative writing - "Jason's Big Test"
Grade 8 Listening skills and sequence texts
Grade 8 Listening comprehension of radio advertisement
Grade 8 Listening comprehension of radio advert - "Hyenas Laughing"
Grade 8 Listening comprehension of radio advert "Service is more..."
Grade 8 Speaking: Planning a discussion
Grade 8 Debate on Animal Rights
Grade 8 Conducting a survey on food preferences
Grade 8 Class discussion on junk food
Grade 8 Hold a debate and consider communication of ideas and a range of interaction skills.
Grade 8 Preparing a short speech
Grade 8 Making an impromptu speech
Grade 8 Delivery of an impromptu speech
Grade 8 Delivery and content of an impromptu speech
Grade 8 The unprepared speech - techniques
Grade 8 Reading aloud from a book of your choice
Grade 8 Prepared reading of an abstract to your class
Grade 8 Read an extract from a novel to your class
Grade 8 Reading a text from a novel to your class - focus on meaning and effeciency
Grade 8 Reading a text to your class - focus on the feedback of others
Grade 8 Class discussion on "the best computer games"
Grade 8 Describing an activity you also have to demonstrate
Grade 8 Making a humerous speech for entertainment purposes
Grade 8 Formulating instruction which others must follow/do
Grade 8 Verbally explain to others how to do an experiment
Grade 8 Interview and recording of answers
Grade 8 Develop a questionnaire and interview your neighbour
Grade 8 Discuss what Human Rights are
Grade 8 Discussing a contentious topic
Grade 8 Have a debate on a contentious issue
Grade 8 Preparing a pursuasive speech
Grade 8 Have a debate on transport issues - "Bus Rapid Tranport"
Grade 8 Deliver a pursuasive speech, focus on the language used
Grade 8 Prepare a speech on the topic - "Opposites Attract"

Grade 8 Home Language Book 2 

Grade 8 Developing, writing and presenting a role play
Grade 8 Newspaper letter analysis

Grade 8 Newspaper article analysis - ''Pathetic''
Grade 8 Poetry analysis - ''The Sea''
Grade 8 Reading comprehension on "Bleak House" by Charles Dickens
Grade 8 Song comprehension - "He ain't heavy he's my brother"
Grade 8 Information about - ''He ain't heavy, he's my brother"
Grade 8 Letter writing, formal elements

Grade 8 Narrative poetry - "Lord Randall
Grade 8 Narrative poetry - "The Highwayman"
Grade 8 Writing an own poem
Grade 8 Analysis of information text
Grade 8 Text analysis - Figures of Speech
Grade 8 Reading and response to text - "buyers beware of prescription drugs"
Grade 8 Response to text - "Anne Frank's unstilled voice is still audible"
Grade 8 Critical response to text - ''Feeling Stressed"
Grade 8 Writing a summary on "Why child stars drown in drug riddled hole"
Grade 8 Determine cultural and emotional value in visual text
Grade 8 Comprehending visual text - "TJ"
Grade 8 Reading and response to a letter
Grade 8 Read an advert and apply the AIDA prenciples (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
Grade 8 Reading comprehension - "Idyllic sports prepare for surfers invasion"
Grade 8 Visual literacy - "Mama Taxi"
Grade 8 Language structure - sentence construction
Grade 8 Making a mindmap for essay writing
Grade 8 Reading texts and allocating headings
Grade 8 Creative writing using aural and visual prompts
Grade 8 Writing a descriptive essay using auditory and tactile imagery
Grade 8 Writing a letter describing an event you attended
Grade 8 Writing a diary entry
Grade 8 Strategies for better spelling
Grade 8 Using a dictionary
Grade 8 Determining word meaning
Grade 8 Using common abbreviations
Grade 8 Grammar - fill in the correct word
Grade 8 Grammar - meaning of certain prefixes and suffixes
Grade 8 Word meaning, roots and current meaning
Grade 8 Grammar in context: parts of speech, prepositions
Grade 8 Sentence construction: conjunctions and relative pronouns
Grade 8 Sentence types: command, statement, question, instruction and exhaustion
Grade 8 Components of sentences: subject, predicate, object, main clauses, subordinate clauses etc
Grade 8 Main clauses - subordinate clauses
Grade 8 Punctuation exercise
Grade 8 Paragraph writing: consider only one main idea
Grade 8 Critical language awareness - abusive tricks through language
Grade 8 Style - sentence construction, sentence length, sentence type
Grade 8 Formal and informal language
Grade 8 Idiomatic expressions - game, trade or custom, meaning in context
Grade 8 Implied meaning in sentences
Grade 8 Manipulative language use
Grade 8 Bias in language usage
Grade 8 Reading comprehension - "Dicing students lead cops on a merry chase"
Grade 8 Reading and summarising a printed article
Grade 8 Visual literacy - composition of a photograph
Grade 8 Punctuation exercise in context
Grade 8 Reading comprehension and punctuation
Grade 8 Reading comprehension - figures of speech
Grade 8 Reading exercise to determine tone and key features of a text
Grade 8 Reading an advertisement-  "Seniors at Total Fitness Health club"
Grade 8 Reading comprehension -"Facing up to a new life"
Grade 8 Doing a project - "a local sight of interest"
Grade 8 Developing a questionnaire for learners on crime
Grade 8 Making a survey - designing of instruments and date analysis plus writing the report
Grade 8 Preparing a drama / role play

Grade 8 First Additional Language

Grade 8 Listening comprehension - "Cupid's Arrow"
Grade 8 Poetry - "Boy on a Swing"
Grade 8 Radio Drama - listening comprehension: "Tommy - Whose Mother Couldn't Love Him"
Grade 8 Listening and retelling a factual text
Grade 8 Listening comprehension and summarising of text
Grade 8 Discussion on "Old Age"
Grade 8 Telling a story in the Home Language and ask someone to translate this
Grade 8 Preparing a role-play on inviting and refusing the invitation
Grade 8 Prepare a short role-play, report on an incident and use appropriate language
Grade 8 Prepare a short role-play and using specified sentences, phrases, words
Grade 8 A panel discussion on -"Should foreigners be allowed to work in South Africa?"
Grade 8 Reading comprehension - "Happiness"
Grade 8 Debate on - "Female athletes are to be paid the same as male athletes"
Grade 8 Reading comprehension - "Stop that noise"
Grade 8 Language structure: verbs ending on -ing
Grade 8 Exercise on reported speech
Grade 8 Reading and dictionary work - "The Elephant's child"
Grade 8 Reading comprehension on a text
Grade 8 Reading comprehension -"Albert Einstein"
Grade 8 Reading comprehension on "Love, David" by Dianne Case
Grade 8 Reading a text and determining setting and character
Grade 8 Reading and understanding poetry - "A Newly Born Calf" by Oswald Mbuyiseni Mtshali 
Grade 8 Reading a letter and answering questions
Grade 8 The notice - read and comprehend
Grade 8 Reading a diagram/chart
Grade 8 Reading comprehension on school bullying
Grade 8 Analysis of an advert on "Educational Charity"
Grade 8 Elements of a book review
Grade 8 Referencing skills in a magazine and encyclopaedia
Grade 8 Dictionary skills
Grade 8 The meaning of words
Grade 8 In a paragraph explain your favorite sport
Grade 8 Write a personal letter
Grade 8 Write a diary entry
Grade 8 Writing of a narrative (creative writing)
Grade 8 Writing a news report
Grade 8 Structure of a good writing piece: introduction and conclusion

Grade 8 Second Additional Language

Grade 8 Answering questions to "Do you like dancing"
Grade 8 Listening comprehension - a conversation
Grade 8 Comprehension: listening
Grade 8 Responding to questions and preparing a short speech
Grade 8 Developing a short conversation
Grade 8 Reading comprehension on "The longest moment in my life"
Grade 8 Reading comprehension - "Soap operas"
Grade 8 Reading comprehension - "Feeling like a failure"
Grade 8 Reading an advert and answering questions
Grade 8 Reading skills and vocabulary exercise
Grade 8 Writing a letter on any problem teens are facing
Grade 8 Writing a personal letter
Grade 8 Write a dialogue on a social happening
Grade 8 Write a story -  "The longest moment of my life"
Grade 8 Grammar exercise : give the correct form of words
Grade 8 Complete the sentences by using "a", "an" or "the"
Grade 8 Complete the sentences by filling in the correct prepositions
Grade 8 Complete the sentences by filling in the correct form of the verb
Grade 8 Give the correct form of the verb

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