Assessment Bank Items

Grade 7 English Home Language
Grade 7 Comprehension, "Adrian Mole"
Grade 7 Direct and Indirect Speech, interview, listening practice, presentation
Grade 7 Idioms, creative writing and mindmapping skills
Grade 7 Poetry, A. Tennyson - "The Eagle"
Grade 7 Root words, words borrowed from other languages
Grade 7 Descriptive paragraph writting
Grade 7 Idioms
Grade 7 Informal letters
Grade 7 Cause and effect, language structure
Grade 7 Comprehension, interview with Densey Clyne
Grade 7 Debate
Grade 7 Finding bias in newspaper reports
Grade 7 Spelling
Grade 7 Comprehension, multiple choice
Grade 7 Figures of Speech
Grade 7 Comprehension, Biographies
Grade 7 Role-play and poster
Grade 7 Poetry, reflecting on different poems
Grade 7 Listening comprehension, newspaper report, "I am an African"
Grade 7 Grammar, subject, verb and object
Grade 7 Reading assessment
Grade 7 Report writing, based on graphic date
Grade 7 Summary writing, dramatisation
Grade 7 Poetry, comprehension and understanding of text
Grade 7 First Additional Language

Grade 7 Writing instructions
Grade 7 Comprehension
Grade 7 Book Reviews
Grade 7 Visual Literacy - "Hagar the Horrible"
Grade 7 Grammar - adjectives
Grade 7 Listening exercise and report writing
Grade 7 Using a Thesaurus and finding words
Grade 7 Translation exercise
Grade 7 Grammar: probability
Grade 7 Filling in Forms
Grade 7 Dialogue, role play and letter writing
Grade 7 Comprehension - "The Hairy Toe"
Grade 7 Word Game - "Bingo
Grade 7 Interview -  Youth Day
Grade 7 Vocabulary building - adjectives
Grade 7 Visual Literacy - comic strips
Grade 7 Grammar - homophones
Grade 7 Gramma games - prepositions
Grade 7 Reading and poster production
Grade 7 Grammar - pronouns, reading activity
Grade 7 Concord - a game foward
Grade 7 Limericks and their pattern
Grade 7 Interpretation of data from graph
Grade 7 Classification of text
Grade 7 Conducting a survey and reading of data
Grade 7 Demonstrating and describing a practical task
Grade 7 A research task on FIFA 2010
Grade 7 Reading comprehension - the medical profession
Grade 7 Collage on Global Warming
Grade 7 Features of an advert: slogan, brand name and target audience
Grade 7 Vocabulary building through a game
Grade 7 Grammar - tenses
Grade 7 Making a poster - "Wanted"
Grade 7 Formulating an act of instructions
Grade 7 Writing a dialogue showing how conflicts can be resolved
Grade 7 Discussing Children's Rights as stipulated in the South African Constitution
Grade 7 Designing a brochure for public information
Grade 7 Dictionary work
Grade 7 Direct/Indirect Speech
Grade 7 How to use a dictionary
Grade 7 Responding to "Agony Aunt letters" and expressing feeling
Grade 7 Compehension and response to comic strip "Bash Street Kids"
Grade 7 Creative writing: "Memories of the Year at School"
Grade 7 Formal/ Informal letter writing


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