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Hoërskool Uitsig in The Reeds, Pretoria hosted a very successful ICT Expo on 20 October 2009 where IT and CAT learners were afforded the opportunity to showcase their Practical Assessment Tasks (PATs). The learners competed for prizes sponsored by local businesses. Ms Ena Brits, Subject Advisor for CAT and IT from Tshwane South (D4) supported this wonderful event.

A few schools from the Centurion region participated and it was wonderful to see the effort that went into the PATs and how proud the learners were of their projects.

I spoke to the learners and there was general consensus on the following:

  • It was hard work, but they enjoyed it.
  • They have learned a lot about their programming skills and the way the different tools (SQL, database and Delphi) can work together to produce a useful application.
  • Some admitted that they have learned new skills that they were not taught because it was not part of the curriculum. They needed it and made an effort to find out how to do it. A grade 10 learner used text files to store some data. When I asked him whether their teacher has taught them this (as it is not part of the Grade 10 content) he said no, but he wanted to store the data and learned how to do this himself)
  • That the PAT prepared them well for the practical examination and that they have actually learned more in doing the PAT than in doing their day-to-day activities and exercises.
  • That though they were much more focused on the final product, they actually enjoyed the analysis and research and that the first two phases helped them to plan better and to produce a quality application in the end.
  • That if you worked hard and studied the assessment tool, it was actually “easy marks”

Overall, the projects were very good and the judges had a hard time in selecting the winners.

Congratulations to all the participants and their teachers and especially to the winners in the different categories!

I will upload some photos as soon as they are made available and will also try to source copies of the winning projects to upload.

However, what struck me is the very few girls that were there.  It seems that IT has become a “boy” subject. I wonder how one could address this?

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