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During the IT workshop, Prof Pieter Blignaut from the University of the Free State shared same very interesting information regarding eye-tracking and gazing.

The research is geared towards human computer interaction (HCI), an interdisciplinary field with links to Computer Science, Information Systems, Psychology, Sociology and Graphical Design.  He currently  focuses on eye-tracking as a means to measure the usability of web sites and software applications

The presentation shares very interesting facts regarding the topic and the research. They braught all their equipment and demonstrated the process.

Participants also had the opportunity to "type" by "gazing" at the keys on an on-screen keyboard!

All this made us think hard and long about HCI principles and usability as well as efficient use of a variety of input modes.

Read some reports about the research


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During the IT Workshop, Mr Johan Van Rooyen from Bloemfontein gave us a good update on current trends and technologies as well as a look into the future.

His presentation took us along a timeline: 2009 --> 2010 --------> 2015 --------> 2020 and gave us a summary of the following:

  • devices
  • business environment
  • development environment
  • technologies

The videos in the PowerPoint can be downloaded from:


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 The Department of Education conducted a workshop for IT subject advisors from all provinces from 4 - 8 May 2009.

The purpose of the training workshop was to:
1)       convey November 2008 Exam results and to discuss strategies to improve results;
2)       clear assessment issues as set out in the SAG  and to clear misinterpretation of policy;
3)       understand the PAT, including marking and moderation;
4)       understand how practical exams should be conducted, including preparation of CDs to be sent to marking centers;
5)       understand how to assess content for all the Learning Outcomes in IT, including setting assessment tasks;
6)       give guidance regarding new content: OOP, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Normalisation of databases; and
7)       share new trends and technologies regarding IT and to share some interesting research aspects in the field.

 The above topics were discussed, input given and ideas and strategies shared to support Information Technology in all provinces


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