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The value of textbooks in the classroom


Why should I use a textbook?
The use of a good textbook will help you to improve your knowledge of the subject and therefore your teaching. A quality textbook will help you plan and will save you time when preparing for your classes. After presenting your lesson, if each learner has a texbook to work from, the learning is facilitated by the textbook and you are free to assist individual learners, giving help where needed.
Using a good textbook will help learners to work at their own speed, encourage them to engage in additional and/or expanded activities. It will help them (and you in the end) to revise work done in class, at home by going through explanations and examples in the textbook and prepare for the next lessons.


How will using a quality textbook assist me in planning for my subject?

  • Study the textbook
  • If it does not cover all the content, indicate where you will have to add notes
  • Design / Adapt your Work Schedule for the grade according to the textbook that you are using
  • Include the required number of Programme of Assessment tasks per term as per Protocol (7 tasks as set out in the PoA - term 1: 1 test + 1 other task, etc.) according to the topics covered in the textbook and your Work Schedule that you designed / adapted according to the textbook
  • Design your Annual Assessment Plan using the Programme of Assessment tasks indicated in your Work Schedule
  • Prepare your lessons and indicate daily assessment by referring to and use appropriate activities / exercises in the textbook (add some of your own if you prefer)

This way you will be sure that you have covered the content for the year and that your learners will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.


How do I choose a quality textbook?

  • Get hold of as many approved textbooks as you can. Ask for inspection copies from publishers
  • Study the textbook
  • Compare the content in the textbook to the content provided in the Content Framework in the Learning Programme Guidelines (Annexure A) and make sure that it covers the suggested content
  • Make sure that
    • topics are properly introduced i.e. some background knowledge is provided;
    • the content is at the right level for the grade; and
    • the content is properly scaffolded i.e. gradually introduces learners to more difficult concepts.
  • Look very carefully at the activities / exercises provided:
    • Do the activities address the content covered / discussed in the preceeding text?
    • Are the activities scaffolded i.e. guide learners to master the conceptual knowledge learnt, to applying the knowledge?
    • Will the activities / excercises help learners to answer question papers?
    • Are there enough activities / exercises for you to choose from and for learners to do so that drilling and learning will take place?

What is a good texbook?
A good textbook is like a work of art. It is the sum of a group of inspired leaders in their field of expertise. It is beautiful to behold and lends itself to inspiring interest in and exploration in the subject. It also provides a foundation for the teacher to build upon (Dr Pam Miller)

Approved textbooks for Information Technology


Title Language
Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
BitaByte Kreatiewe Programmering in Delphi Deel 1 Kreatiewe Programmering in Delphi Deel 2 Kreatiewe Programmering in Delphi Deel 2 Afrikaans
Creative Programming in Delphi Part 1 Creative Programming in Delphi Part 2 Creative Programming in Delphi Part 2 English
Kreatiewe Programmering in Java Deel 1 Kreatiewe Programmering in Java Deel 2 Kreatiewe Programmering in Java Deel 2 Afrikaans
Creative Programming in Java Part 1 Creative Programming in Java Part 2 Creative Programming in Java Part 2 English
Study Opportunities Geniet Delphi, Deel 1 Geniet Delphi, Deel 2 Geniet Delphi, Deel 2 Afrikaans
Enjoy Delphi, Part 1 Enjoy Delphi, Part 2 Enjoy Delphi, Part 2 English
Rekenaars, deel van jou lewe  -  Deel 1; 'n Handboek vir Inligtingstegnologie Rekenaars, deel van jou lewe  -  Deel 2; 'n Handboek vir Inligtingstegnologie   Afrikaans
Computers, part of your life  -  Part 1; A textbook for Information Technology Computers, part of your life – Part 2; A textbook for Information Technology   English
 Please note that for IT learners will need two textbooks: One for programming (Delphi or Java) and one for Theory and Applications

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When reading this article I once more realised how ICTs could be used in providing solutions to issues of national and international importance and how important it is to use computer technology responsibly (IT - LO3). It also made me realise how relevant the research topic in the IT PAT is as well as the scenario used in the IT Grade 12 Exemplar Paper.

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