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Welcome to the Physical Sciences Learning Space.

Performance in Physical Sciences in 2013 has improved greatly when compared to 2012. Congratulations to all subject advisors, teachers and learners who worked hard for this result.

Welcome to Physical Science

Welcome to the Physical Sciences Learning space. This is a space where we are going to have fruitful discussions and suggestions. Enjoy it!

Click here for Physics Experiment: Measuring potential difference, current and resistance in series parallel networks

Click here
for Physics Experiment: To verify that the total linear momentum in an isolated system is conserved

Click here for Experiments, Practicals and Safety Guidelines

Click here for Research on Science Education

Chemistry Grade 12 (2010)
Chemistry Click here to view

Part A Presentation: Chloroalkali Industry Click here to view

Part B Chemistry  for Schools Click here to view

The Siyavula Open Source text books: Free High School Science Text Books (the latest FHSST released September 2010) can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

FHSST Physical Science Grade 10 book / Grade 11 book / Grade 12 book 

Click here for Physical Sciences Subject Statement

Click here for Physical Sciences Content Framework June 2006

Click here for Sci Bono Physical Science Content

Click here for some resources on Chemical Systems

Click here - Chemistry in context

Click here - Home experiments

Click here - Safety Guidelines for South African Schools

Click here - Polymer chemistry

Click here  - Teaching Dynamic Chemical Equilibrium

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Physical Sciences Grade 10-12 :Chemistry experiments you can do at home (414.22 Kb)
Physical science is a branch of natural sciences. To some people, science only happens is a laboratory. This booklet is an at...
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Physical Sciences Subject Statement (861.25 Kb)
Physical Sciences Subject Statement
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Part A Presentation Chloroalkali Industry (1140.6 Kb)
Chloroalkali Industry ,Fertilizer Industry, Batteries,Organic Chemistry,
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Part B Chemistry for Schools (2010) (461.88 Kb)
Part B Chemistry for Schools (2010)
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Proverto Study Guides Physical Sciences Grade 12 (3700.89 Kb)
Proverto Study Guides Physical Sciences Grade 12
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