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Welcome to the GET Mathematics Space for resources relevant from Grades 4-9.

Assessment Bank Items: view the table on the right for a large range of Asessment Bank Items. These lesson plans have been created especially to support teachers in the delivery of the curriculum. They can also be accessed in a separate Learning Space - click here


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teacher resourse
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lesson plans  (link)
teacher resource
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Mental Maths  (link)
In collaboration with LeadSA, we invite all learners, parents and teachers to download our Basic Mental Maths programme with...
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Cesus@School - Data Handling Grade 7,8,9 Study Guide : 2013  (3031.1 Kb)
The first series of Mathematics Study Guides on Data Handling and probability for the Senior Phase (Grades 7-9) using the 200...
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Common Factions  (Lesson Plan)
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Click here to download TIMSS items for Grade 8 Maths
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Mathematics Assessment Bank Items

Click table below to view Assessment Bank Items for Grade 7,8,
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9